David Vanderhaar
My introduction to software development started back in college on whim. I wanted to know how video games worked and how they were made. I started by using a tool called GameMaker to create an X-men themed brick breaker game. At that point I didn’t realize I was “programming”, it was just a surprisingly fun hobby. But the seed was planted. Years later I took a coding Bootcamp in Lexington, KY and started developing applications professionally.
2021 - Present
Software Developer
Bamboo Health
I build backend solutions that create and improve customers data pipelines. I implement several frontend solutions to our end users as well. This is done with Ruby, Rails and a hefty serving of cloud tools and services.
2017 - 2021
Software Developer
APAX Software
As a full stack developer I implemented and supported web applications by writing client-side and server-side code across many languages and frameworks. I also maintained a complete CI/CD pipeline for several applications using Chef, Vagrant, Virtual Box, AWS, and Codeship.
2011 - 2015
Field Staff
Bridges International
I coordinated hospitality programs to assist and improve relationships between international students and local communities. I trained and managed more than 30 team members on communication and operating processes of the organization. I budgeted for and coordinated partnerships for each event. We began a monthly dinner program that increased local and international involvement by three times.
Check out my itch.io and github pages if you'd like to see some hobbyist game development. Here are a few of my favorite, even if incomplete, entries:
Jacinto RL -- Histomap -- React-Like-Rogue -- ASCII Map Maker -- Soul Tarot Generator
When I need to relax or vent I make music. If you are so inclined, take a listen.

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